Installment – Tobin Zivon


This is an installment of 50% of the deposit for the first 10 hours towards rebranding and website redesign.

We have agreed that you will pay $1000 cash, and the rest will be in trade for your services.

Full Project Estimate: 20-25 hours.

You paid me $100 already of the deposit, which is why this is $400. Next installment due upon completion of the first 10 hours will be for $500.

The entire process should take 6 weeks with one 90 minute live session per week for at least the first 4 weeks.

Each week we will both have homework to complete by our next meeting. Close to half of the work is done in session and the other half out of session.


This package can be used for...

Graphic Design

  • Logos
  • CD Art
  • Postcards
  • Business Cards, etc.
  • Website, Social Media, and Advertising¬†Graphics

Web Design

  • Page & Content Design
  • Website Upgrade
  • Wordpress Development
  • Plugin Configuration


  • Branding Advice
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media¬†Strategy
  • Wordpress Training