Joy Potential

“I feel like I won the graphic designer lottery finding David Shakiban! Not only does he WOW me again and again with his exceptional artistic talent and stunning design work, he makes every step of the experience an utter joy and delight. I’ve worked with many designers over the years, and my experience with Shak stands out as being the most ease-filled, fun, and inspiring co-creative process, exceeding my expectations at every turn. He is a brilliant visionary, while also offering down-to-earth, practical, and strategic guidance. He is always open to ideas and feedback, genuinely cares about his clients, and pours his heart into designing sites that uniquely reflect the essence of each person with whom he works. He is abundantly generous with his time and goes above and beyond to make things just right. Plus, he’s a blast and will make the journey entertaining ? Within the first couple of sessions with Shak, I knew I had discovered a golden designer I was excited to work with for years to come. It is now many sessions later, and I continue to be in awe!”

Christine Eartheart,

Founder, Joy Potential