Please provide all content and feedback in a timely manner.  Colorgrooves will not be held responsible for delays on the client’s part including:

  1.  Providing content (text or images)
  2.  Providing access to your hosting server or other accounts
  3.  Timely design and development feedback

Colorgrooves agrees to meet all proposed deliverable milestones.


Colorgrooves does not provide stock images or cover printing costs.

We can help hunt down images and cut corners where possible, but it is up to the client to pay for any stock imagery they wish to license rights to (shutterstock, istockphoto, getty images, etc.)  and also to cover any costs for printed media (business cards, postcards, etc.)

All text must be provided in electronic (selectable) format.


All deposits and payments are non-refundable.  If you wish to schedule payments for your package, just ask, and we will negotiate a plan that works. Clients are requested to please keep to the proposed fee schedule.


Colorgrooves cannot guarantee the performance of third-party plugins, and the Client is responsible for purchasing any necessary licenses for said plugins.

Colorgrooves sometimes uses third-party plugins to perform certain functions (eCommerce extensions, events calendars, etc.).  We endeavor to use reliably performing plugins that don’t require yearly licensing payments, but sometimes a plugin does require cost for updates.  While we cannot guarantee the performance of these plugins, we do use ones that have been tried and tested and have trustworthy support. We will present you with our best recommendations for the plugins that seem to address your specific needs.  You will need to create accounts and purchase the necessary licensing, and then send us your account login details so we can download, install and configure your plugins.

Maintenance & Updates

Unless we enter a Maintenance Contract, the Client is responsible for maintaining all aspects of their site. This includes content or any updates to either WordPress, your site’s theme, or any plugins used on the site. We will speak with you further around this during the process and before we take your site live.