“David does amazing work that has distinguished my brand and presentation. I LOVE my logo! He is easy to work with and friendly, and he knows WordPress well, taking the time to teach me what I need to know.

Samantha Sweetwater

David is a creative genius – a multi-dimensional being with heart who brings his inspiration and his mastery at his craft passionately to bear on any project he touches. He designed my web page, and I have since called on him for every online teaching project that required web design.

Shakti Malan

“I feel like I won the graphic designer lottery finding David Shakiban! Not only does he WOW me again and again with his exceptional artistic talent and stunning design work, he makes every step of the experience an utter joy and delight. I’ve worked with many designers over the years, and my experience with Shak stands out as being the most ease-filled, fun, and inspiring co-creative process, exceeding my expectations at every turn. He is a brilliant visionary, while also offering down-to-earth, practical, and strategic guidance. He is always open to ideas and feedback, genuinely cares about his clients, and pours his heart into designing sites that uniquely reflect the essence of each person with whom he works. He is abundantly generous with his time and goes above and beyond to make things just right. Plus, he’s a blast and will make the journey entertaining ? Within the first couple of sessions with Shak, I knew I had discovered a golden designer I was excited to work with for years to come. It is now many sessions later, and I continue to be in awe!”

Christine Eartheart

“David is an amazing artist, digital wizard and all around good guy. Hiring him was a brilliant decision on my part. I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. The co-creative process was at times magical. Sometimes he would intuit what I wanted before I could even articulate what that was. The live design sessions were beautifully effective in generating a website that feels resonant with the soul of my business.”

Lorina Manzanita

“I searched for two years to find someone who could design a website that really reflected the essence of my message & my business. When I discovered Colorgrooves, I knew I’d found my match. David took the time to get to know me in order to understand how to take the energy of my music, multi-media, events & coaching & transfer it all into a cohesive web presence. The design process was a joy!”

Kimberly Cain

“David is an exceptional artist. He’s creatively generous, easy to work with and a good communicator. He really understands how to use color, design and placement to have a site look great to the eye. I’m really pleased with the work he did for me. I can honestly say that this is the first website I’ve had (and I’ve had a few) that really represents me and that’s such a nice feeling.” 

Garrison Cohen

“My website is a piece of art – people have been raving about how beautifully put together it is. It has really elevated my brand and more accurately represents who I am. I am so grateful to David of Colorgrooves for his stellar work.”

Alia Melissa Hall

 “David’s merging of unique artistic vision and gifts with technical wizardry is unique among web programmers that I know of. He has a deep and intuitive feel for color, layout, and of the emotional and even spiritual resonance of visual space. Besides creating a beautiful site, he also worked with me tirelessly to continuously refine the working of my site to my liking, down to tweaking many specific and arcane technical settings. People regularly tell me how attractive, beautiful, functional, and even unique my website is; when they do, I refer them to my friend David.”

Adam Coutts

“Oh this has been a journey!

1) tried to design my own website = fail
2) tried to look for web designer who got me and my work = fail
3) tried Colorgrooves = pass, over and above what I expected”

Ravneet Vohra

“Working with David was a real pleasure. He understood what I wanted with my website and made it better than I could have imagined. He’s professional, easy to get along with, and accommodating. But most of all, he’s creative and my website works.”

Lucian Kano Balmer

“Working with David was a real pleasure. He understood what I wanted with my website and made it better than I could have imagined. He’s professional, easy to get along with, and accommodating. But most of all, he’s creative and my website works.”

Tabby Biddle

“In the past, I’ve worked with 3 different designers on 3 different websites and always felt frustrated and a bit crazy during the design process because I could never get the person I hired to translate the vision I had in my head onto the screen. That all changed with David. Working side-by-side in his studio has been the most efficient and the most fun way to see my site come to life. His collaborative design process sets him apart!”

Sige Weisman

“David Shakiban did an amazing job on recreating my site. I highly recommend his work to anyone who’s ready to take their business to the next level.”

Triambika Ma Vive

“David is a very creative designer. He was able to take my content and organize it with imagination and style. He made my work look beautiful. He is a good communicator making the process flow, and his patience was commendable. Using all the tools for WordPress including Photoshop (while I watched) gave me the opportunity to collaborate with him, giving me instant gratification. Thumbs up, 5 stars and Bravo to Colorgrooves!!!”

Jackie Slade

“Choosing David as my website designer was awesome. The intentions that we set at the beginning are all reflected in the end product. David is a great mix of “techy” knowledge and creative expression. We worked in person, side by side, which really eased the process. I highly recommend him.”

Valerie Chafograck

“David is fabulous! What I appreciate most about him is his ability to integrate his skills as a web guru with his incredible artistic talents. He has a clear sensibility for what sort of art and layout reflect the essence of the person for whom he’s designing. The colors, flow and overall look of my website are a beautiful expression of what I offer through my music and teaching. I am particularly enamored of David’s mandala as my logo!”

Francesca Genco

“Colorgrooves was fantastic to work with.  I had dreaded designing a site, and they designed 2 for me in record time.  They are better than anything I could have hoped for.”

Jeff Jacobson