Design & Development

Build your brand.

After getting clear about your message and voice and spending quality time together sorting out our plan of attack, it’s time to have a little fun. We’ll take what we have uncovered and create the visual representation of your brand story, keeping you involved the whole way.

Once we have your new look, we’ll build it into an easy to edit and powerfully functional WordPress website ready to unleash on the world and launch your brand in style.

“In the past, I’ve worked with 3 different designers on 3 different websites and always felt frustrated and a bit crazy during the design process because I could never get the person I hired to translate the vision I had in my head onto the screen. That all changed with David. His collaborative design process sets him apart!

Sige Weisman

My website is a piece of art – people have been raving about how beautifully put together it is. It has really elevated my brand and more accurately represents who I am. I am so grateful to David of Colorgrooves for his stellar work.”


Our Design Process

Colorgrooves has a special way of doing our design work. We seek to make it a very co-creative process, where you are an intimate part of the journey. This saves us from wasting any time going down roads that aren’t leading where you want to go, and it makes the whole experience more fun and effective. Week by week we’ll meet to collaborate on the look and feel of your brand, find your color palette, determine the typography we’ll use, design a new logo if you need it and discuss the kind of imagery we want to use to best capture your unique style. In between sessions, Colorgrooves will take what we’ve discussed and refine it into a visual brand you love.


Once we’ve gotten the brand solidified, it’s time to build your website. Colorgrooves builds all of our sites using WordPress (which we have 20 years of experience with!) and the Divi Theme, a framework that allows us to create nearly anything we can imagine. We will continue with our co-creative process and week by week chip away at your site, applying your brand, style and content mindfully to every page. Armed with a fat toolbox of bells and whistles, we’ll be showing you possibilities for how to display your content stylishly with a mobile-first mindset, ensuring the final product looks great on all devices. In the end, you’ll have a site that looks fantastic and that’s easy for you to edit.