Strategy & Marketing

Let it shine.

Now that we’ve created a brand and website that you’re proud of and ready to share far and wide, it’s time we made a plan just how we’re going to do that.

First step is some on-site SEO to make sure you’re showing up well in the search engines. Then we’ll create a marketing strategy for how you’ll share on social media and build your email list. We’re just getting started, and we’ll walk the path with you and help you get the word out.

“David is fabulous! What I appreciate most about him is his ability to integrate his skills as a web guru with his incredible artistic talents. He has a clear sensibility for what sort of art and layout reflect the essence of the person for whom he’s designing. The colors, flow and overall look of my website are a beautiful expression of what I offer through my music and teaching. I am particularly enamored of David’s mandala as my logo!”

Francesca Genco

 “David’s merging of unique artistic vision and gifts with technical wizardry is unique among web programmers that I know of. He has a deep and intuitive feel for color, layout, and of the emotional and even spiritual resonance of visual space. Besides creating a beautiful site, he also worked with me tirelessly to continuously refine the working of my site to my liking, down to tweaking many specific and arcane technical settings. People regularly tell me how attractive, beautiful, functional, and even unique my website is; when they do, I refer them to my friend David.”

Adam Coutts

“David is an amazing artist, digital wizard and all around good guy. Hiring him was a brilliant decision on my part. I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. The co-creative process was at times magical. Sometimes he would intuit what I wanted before I could even articulate what that was. The live design sessions were beautifully effective in generating a website that feels resonant with the soul of my business.”

Lorina Manzanita